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Containerized Services using Podman

Managing Container Images using Podman Applications can run inside containers, providing all dependencies, that is, container image and a file system bundle which provides the app files, 3rd party libraries are there. Container images are available from image registries that allow users to search and retrieve container images. You can use the search subcommand to find available images from remote or local registries. [user@artcdc ~]$ podman search rhel INDEX NAME DESCRIPTION STARS OFFICIAL AUTOMATED redhat....

March 8, 2020 路 4 min 路 Jommel Colcol

Introduction to Containers

Background In general, a typical software applications are dependent on other 3rd party libraries, components, services or config that are running in the host or environment. A traditional application may break if there are new updates on its dependencies that are not supported by the application when it was written. For example, you have a windows application that is deployed on a windwows server that is dependent on a TLS 1....

February 2, 2020 路 3 min 路 Jommel Colcol

Implementing SAML SSO using Managed Module

Background On the previous article/note regarding SAML, I noted that we can use HTTP module and handler to implement SAML SSO. I was tasked on leading the migration of our current SSO setup of all internal applications that we handled on our company and we decided to use HTTP modules and HTTP handlers. This way we will just consume the managed module in our web.config and we will don鈥檛 have any changes needed in our app....

January 15, 2017 路 4 min 路 Jommel Colcol

SAML SSO Authentication

What is SAML? First what is SAML? It is mainly use for authentication. It鈥檚 main role is to standardize web applications on authenticating and transfer data between the identity provider and the service provider. It improves user experience and the user will only remember one password through out the enterprise systems. OAuth vs SAML? The primary difference between OAuth and SAML is that we mainly use SAML for authentication and OATH for authorization....

January 12, 2017 路 4 min 路 Jommel Colcol

ValidateAntiForgeryToken: Purpose and Usage

In simple explanation found on Microsoft docs: ValidateAntiForgeryToken represents an attribute that is used to prevent forgery of a request. In other terms this attribute is used to prevent cross-site forgery attacks. Cross site forgery is an attack that posts to your site/form to attempt to submit a hiddent content using an authenticated user鈥檚 credential. Let鈥檚 have a realistic scenario of this cross site forgery. Supposed you are logged in to your online banking account....

September 17, 2013 路 2 min 路 Jommel Colcol